Leaves? No Problem.

Now is the time for your Fall Clean Up... We're fully equipped and ready to go with our new Leaf Vacuum! Stay tuned for the finished product. More

September 2015

Roby Brothers Property Management Inc are your experts for hedging and pruning! More

August 2015

We're so proud to serve our neighbors in the great town that we are from, Northport, NY! More

July 2015

Stripes for days! Pictured is our July Lawn of the Month. More

June 2015

Look at that beautiful green! Pictured is our June 2015 Lawn of the Month. More

May 2015

Summer is almost here... It's the time of year for hedge trimming and pruning! Hedges add style, character and privacy to your yard, however they do need a trim to look their best. Hedge trimming removes excess growth from bushes and shrubs to promote new growth and to maintain the desired size and shape. Pruning removes deadwood, shapes ... More

April 2015

Spring (and allergy season) is in full bloom which means it's the perfect time to apply mulch to your lawn. We can help! Mulch is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also helps conserve moisture, prevents soil compaction and weeds, and provides nutrients to the soil. Email therobybrothers@gmail.com to get started today. More

March 2015

Our March 2015 Lawn of the Month is our largest weekly maintenance property, also one of the largest properties in Northport. More